Event details

Triumph Owners’ Motorcycle Club: 70 year anniversary
11am - 4pm
As part of the 70 year anniversary of the founding of the Triumph Owners' Motorcycle Club, the Yorvik Branch, along with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, are holding an event to mark this magnificent occasion. The Yorvik Samnaor is a celebration of all things Triumph with a wide range of Triumph Owners riding their beautiful bikes for a mass gathering display at Sewerby Hall and Gardens. It will be a celebration of the Triumph Owners’ MCC and this great British marque. We are delighted to announce that there will be a display of Triumph Motorcycle's latest models with A1 Moto, York accompanied by Triumph’s display truck. The sight of the listed Sewerby Hall and Gardens combined with Triumph Motorcycle’s of every, shape size and age will be the perfect way to celebrate the proud history of the Triumph Owners’ MCC.
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